The Topcon Projektor Tool installs in demo mode. In order to unlock the full list of features and capabilities, a license must be purchased and applied inside Projektor.

Follow these steps to apply a license to Projektor:

  • Generate a key file from within Projektor (Tools --> Generate Key File).
  • Send the key file to your STW sales/engineering contact. We will coordinate with Topcon to have a license generated.
    • This license is PER PC. If Projektor is to be used on a new/different PC, a key file must be generated on that PC and sent to STW as well. If the PC that was originally licensed is replaced, we can work out a license transfer to this new PC, but a key file will still need to be sent to STW.
  • Once the license is received from STW, apply it to Projektor (Tools --> Load License File).
  • Projektor will then be unlocked, and can be used in production.