See section 19.2.2 of the C167CS user manual for information on the Bit-timing registers. (CS is used on the 2xCAN ESX. The CAN registers are identical to the 1xCAN ESX, though).

In the ESX BIOS, the function init_can() automatically configures the Bit-timing register by calling the undocumented BIOS function set_can_bittime_reg(). The setting to use is hardcoded and is chosen based on the bitrate and the clock frequency. The following BTR settings are used by the BIOS:

You can call set_can_bittime_reg() after can_init() to set your own custom configuration.

Bitrate (kbit/s) 20 MHz 40 MHz
10 0x6BB1 0x0000
20 0x6B98 0x6BB1
40 0x7F89 0x7F93
50 0x6B89 0x6B93
100 0x6B84 0x6B89
125 0x6B83 0x6B87
250 0x6B81 0x6B83
500 0x6B80 0x6B81
1000 0x2540 0x5C80