3 different files need to be edited on the TC3 to enable wireless lan.

First, log in to the TC3 using the serial port (username root, no password). Navigate (using "cd") to the /etc/init.d directory. If you do an "ls", you will see that there are several configuration files that have underscores preceding their name. These are dbus daemons that are not currently being used. If ynetworkd has a preceding underscore, type "mv _ynetworkd.config ynetworkd.config".

Next, call "vi ynetworkd.config". Scroll down using the arrow keys to the "Supervising matrix" section. Use interface matrix 2. (to edit in vi, simply press "i"). Next scroll down to the priority matrix and use priority matrix 3. Scroll down to the "Select kind of verification" and select 1 for the "verifiy_interface_method". That is all for this file so save and exit vi (hit escape to get out of edit mode in vi, the type ":wq" to save/quit)

The next file to edit is rc.conf. This is also in the /etc/init.d directory. Again, type "vi rc.conf" in the command window. Scroll down to the NETWORK WLAN0 settings. In the first non-commented line, set the WLAN0_CONF to "CLIENT". Save and exit vi.

The last file to edit is wpa_supplicant.conf in the /etc/wlan directory. open it. add the following after the "ctrl_interface" line

Reboot the TC3 and log in. Type "ifconfig" in the command window and you will see the given IP to the TC3 under the wlan0 section.