STW PCN 45259 "Changeover from printed and affixed to lasered product labels for

pressue sensors"

Pressure sensors: changover to lasered labels for durability and

resource-saving production

The type labels of the STW pressure sensors and STW pressure

switches will be successively converted from printed and affixed

labels to laser engraving from the fourth quarter of 2022.

All previous content including customer-specific adaptations will

continue to be mapped. The arrangement of the information on the

label has been optimized without compromising readability. All

environmental requirements continue to be met, of course.

The laser engraving can be scanned without any problems with the

barcode readers used up to now.

It is not only much more durable than the previously used labels, but

also more resource-efficient in production.

Note: STW reserves the right to use printed labels (temporarily) in

individual cases, e.g. for technological or other reasons, even after

the general changeover to laser engraving.

Affected Product STW part number

Pressure Switch F01 83672 

Pressure Switch F01 86657 

Pressure Switch F01 92312 

Pressure Switch F01 90256 

Pressure Transmitter F02 91946 

Pressure Transmitter F02 91920 

Pressure Transmitter M01 53606 

Pressure Transmitter M01 75958