STW PDN 44963 "Lifecycle-Status set to discontinued for all IOX" (44963_13133)

Availability of Control Unit IOX is limited

Lifecycle-Status set to discontinued for all IOX

The IOX has been successfully at the market for numerous years.

Vendors of main components for the IOX like output driver, CAN

transceiver and voltage regulator have issued PTNs (product

termination notification) and the same is expected to happen in the

near future for further components like the main controller.

The status of the IOX will therefore be changed to “discontinued”.

At the same time STW announces the ESX.iot as pin compatible

successor for the IOX including a 32-bit AURIX controller as well as

additional features (see attached data sheet - changes in

comparison to IOX are highlighted with red characters).

The delivery of ESX.iot samples is scheduled for April 2023,

start of serial production (SSOP) is envisaged for Sept. 2023.

STW encourages you to transfer your applications to the ESX.iot or

other current controllers. Our sales and support departments look

forward supporting you during this transition.

In case you require further IOX devices within the scope of a last time

buy (LTB), please talk to your local sales representative too.

As a result of the additional acquisition costs for components (e.g.

material price, storage costs and component qualifying costs), the

price for the IOX may increase.

Additionally, in future the warranty period may be limited by the

supply conditions of the component manufacturers.

Details of change

EOS end of sales (LTB) 30.11.2022

LTD Last time delivery 31.10.2023

If you need further assistance, you may also contact your local sales representative or our sales department.

STW shall not be held liable if this notification is not correctly distributed within your organization.

Affected Product STW part number Customer part number

ESX.iox CANopen I/O-module 34460 n.a.

ESX.iox CANopen I/O-module 34463 n.a.

ESX.iox CANopen I/O-module 34467 n.a.

ESX.iox CANopen I/O-module 61816 n.a.

ESX.iox CANopen I/O-module 100043 328065

ESX.iox CANopen I/O-module 100048 500461