STW PDN 45024 "Product discontinuation of pressure transmitter S02 and S04"

Discontinuation of critical components

The products S02 and S04 are discontinued due to the discontinuation of critical active components and also for economical reasons. There is no general successor product planned. Depending on the specific requirements, we may be able to offer you a replacement product.

Please contact our sales department.

Please note: Last-Time-Buy quantities cannot be guaranteed due to the current allocation situation on market.

Effective date 08.08.2022

EOS end of sales (LTB) 31.12.2022

LTD Last time delivery 31.12.2023

EOSR end of service and repair 30.12.2024

If you need further assistance, you may also contact your local sales representative or our sales department.

STW shall not be held liable if this notification is not correctly distributed within your organization.

Affected Product STW part number 

Pressure Transmitter S04 42086