STW PCN 44891 "ESX.4cs-gw new hardware version" (44891_13133)

change of hardware version

Motivation, trigger: ESX.4cs-gw new hardware version

The HW version of the ESX.4cs-gw control unit will be change.

With the future HW version the E1 certification of the control unit will

be achieved.

In case of standardization, the Can bit rate will be reduced to

125Mbit/s at delivery.

This change must be taken into account during production at the

customer's site.

Otherwise, the changeover has no restrictive effects on the

functionality of the control units.

The modules can be operated with the current software versions

without any problems.

In future, a distinction will be made between safety and non-safety


If a safety application is to be configured with the control unit, the

number marked 'new saefty' must be used.

The following part numbers are changed.

Varinat old new new safety

Variant 1 92678 100141 102176

Debug 100309 100551

Variant 2 92682 100142 103149

Variant 3 92684 100143 102177

Debug 100298 100550

Variant 4 92680 100001 102178

Debug 92681 100190

Variant 5 93643 -- 100191

Debug 94767 100192